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Italian Mozzarella, Burrata and other milk products made in the USA.

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    Mozzarella got it’s name from the Neapolitan dialect where mozza means “to cut” referring to the method of working. This southern Italian cheese is made from local organic and conventional milk by the pasta filata method. Fresh mozzarella is generally white but may vary seasonally to slightly yellow depending on the animal’s diet. In Italy, mozzarella is served the day …

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    Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made in house. The outer shell is mozzarella, the inside is creamy stracciatella (heavy cream with small pieces of mozzarella). We offer three varieties, plain, pistachio, and truffle. Burrata is best served at room temperature and is an extremely versatile accompaniment to many dishes.

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    Caciocavallo and Provola


    Curd-aged cheese, hand shaped, produced with milk and the addition of only rennet, lactic ferment and salt. Available in smoked and regular, approximate size 1lb.


    An Italian, stretched curd cheese, made from organic cow’s milk, aged for 5-6 months with a smooth texture and sharp taste. Available in smoked and regular, approximate size 10 lbs.

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    Made from whey protein left over from the production of other cheeses, our ricotta has a creamy texture and sweet flavor perfect for pastries and desserts. Unlike American ricotta, Italian version is naturally sweet and similarly to mascarpone in Northern Italy, became a big part of many Italian sweets including cheesecakes and cannoli. We recommend it mixed with sugar, cinnamon, …

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    Italian Imports

    We offer a wide variety of Italian Imports for purchase inside our Caffè including Italian chocolates, pasta, espresso coffee beans, wonderful Tuscan oil, jarred items such as sun-dried tomatoes and Italian wines.

    Our retail items, combined with our fresh, made in-house cheeses, make a perfect gift basket.