Frequently Asked Questions

Why is our mozzarella yellow?

Two main pigments present in milk are the Carotenoids and Riboflavin. The former one comes from the butterfat portion of the milk whereas the latter is generally unique to whey and will give it a green/yellow-fluorescent tint. Ninety percent of Carotenes are β-carotene, which is the precursor of Vitamin A or retinol. These are highly important to human and animal health. Inside the milk, the carotenoids are stored in the fat globules and are responsible for the yellow tint of the product.

Where do these carotenoids come from?

There is a great variance in these molecules, more so in vegetable species available for milk-producing ruminants, in the concentrates and in the fodder whether they are conserved dry or fermented, such as silage. The stronger and more intense the color, the more fresh grass has been consumed by the animal.

Which color is preferable… White or Yellow? We let the consumers decide… 

The white color is generally the most popular color for dairy. However, the yellowness of the product reiterates the naturalness of the product. It evokes the pasture and the prohibition of using any coloring agents only highlighting the freshness and naturalness of the product. To some extent, the yellow tint, in many ways, guarantees a fresh and additive-free product.

Why did you choose Warren, IN?

Indiana is the agricultural state of America so that’s a start. Strategically it made sense on multiple fronts. Our geographical location is as such that makes logistics ideal. Indiana borders a number of states which is an ideal feat for a company starting up. We have this extra accessibility in our favor. Moreover, we launched a restaurant on North Michigan Ave in Chicago IL, and we use it to showcase our products – we send them weekly shipments and trucking between Plant-Restaurant is convenient. Lastly, our suppliers are located in northern Indiana which again works in our favor.


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About Us

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